28 окт. 2016 г.

Урок рисования

Сел послушать длинную панель и "Третьей стратегии компенсации". Для развлечения взялся порисовать карандашом. В качестве натуры взял фото Джефа Эгана, бывшего "станционного смотрителя" из Киева, это он в Афганистане позирует, на предыдущем месте службы. Вот что получилось пока:

27 окт. 2016 г.

Российский военный форум: "Кормить дракона"

Russian Military Forum: Feeding the Dragon

Происхождение "Feeding the Dragon" .

Чаще всего используется в отношении Китая: feed the dragon 

1. To outsource business or jobs to China. A reference to the Chinese dragon, a long-established symbol of Chinese culture and mythology. With labor-law pressures and costs so much lower in China, it's no wonder more and more manufacturing firms are choosing to feed the dragon rather than pay for workers at home to do the same task.
2. To purchase or sell products that are made or imported from China. Everything that store sells is marked "Made in China." I'd rather not feed the dragon, so I buy my equipment elsewhere.
3. To devote or contribute an undue amount of resources, time, or energy to a self-perpetuating pursuit, situation, behavior, or desire. His addiction had become so severe that he sold everything he owned to keep feeding the dragon. The country's leaders enlisted every able man to feed the dragon of its war of expansion. We're brainwashed from a young age to continue feeding the dragon of consumerism.

 Этимология, из Платона, "Республика" -   "дикий зверь внутри нас":

Etymology of “Feeding the dragon”

I mean those which are awake when the reasoning and human and ruling power is asleep; then the wild beast within us, gorged with meat or drink, starts up and having shaken off sleep, goes forth to satisfy his desires; and there is no conceivable folly or crime … which at such a time, when he has parted company with all shame and sense, a man may not be ready to commit.


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